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Sales Performance

When numbers are down, we usually look to the individuals on the sales team and ask, “What’s wrong?” When numbers are up, we don’t question it. Sales performance is equal parts individual performance, sales leadership, and organizational support. All three parts must be aligned and focused on the customer. And when they are, performance always improves.

How salespeople engage prospects and customers doesn’t only impact their ability to win, but the way customers view your business. Your salesforce can be a source of competitive advantage. As a Wilson Learning Authorized Distributor, we are able to bring clients a world-class, proven sales approach that helps salespeople transition from making transactions to solving real business problems.

Sales Process

Consistent execution and good sales management both depend on clearly defined processes. Integration and adoption of enablement tools also depend on well-defined processes. Whether you are trying to align your sales management team, implement systems, or improve your customer experience, we can help you simplify, define, communicate and measure your sales processes for better results.

Sales Structure

Your sales organization’s structure should be designed based on how your customers buy and the support they need. If you are trying to determine which roles you need, where their responsibilities should start and end, and how many, WinSource can help you consider different models and choose the right one for your customers.

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