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Are you my 200?

June 24, 2020

I left the corporate world and jumped into consulting one year ago. When I decided to start a consulting company, I knew I couldn’t be all things to all people. I didn’t want to be (that sounds really overwhelming!). I’ve always been focused on sales. I love sales. I love helping people and businesses to be better at selling. I love helping leaders lead. I love connecting friends with people and resources that can help them. And I love creating clarity that helps people succeed. Not everyone cares about sales best practices (as my wife reminds me). But I’m sure there are people out there I haven’t touched and friends out there I don’t touch enough. As my business grows, I find it more and more fulfilling helping others. This past year has been very rewarding and we have learned a ton. We recently finished updating our strategic plan and it’s got me really thinking about all the people I get to connect with on a personal and business level. 

I once read that as a consultant, there will be about 200 people who make all the difference in your world. Those 200 people, made up of friends, business associates, partners, and customers will create a supportive environment.  If I can support, connect, and help a network of some 200 people, then I think I’ll have made a pretty positive dent in the world. 

Generally, I don’t have everyone in mind as I write a blog, post something, or forward material. Instead, I imagine the 200 people that I am uniquely designed to help. There are many friends and acquaintances that come to mind after I read a good article and think “I bet so-and-so would like that.” I think of friends that are  experiencing the same challenges that I’ve been through and I write for you. I take heart in uplifting messages that I hope will uplift and encourage you. I expand my network and meet new people in hopes of finding you… my 200.

If my ramblings and Saturday morning epiphanies resonate, I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog, shoot me a note, connect on LinkedIn, or invite me to coffee. Let’s get to know each other better in case there’s something I can do to help—if not now, someday. Throw your hand up and let me know you want to be in my 200. 

Likewise, I hope I’m in your 200. I hope you’re reading for me. When you read a good article or discover cool sales enablement tools, I hope you think, “I’m going to share that; I bet Mark would love it.” I hope you think of me as one of your people.

If we haven’t connected yet, let’s make that happen now. If you can think of someone I should be talking to, let me know. If there is someone in my network that you’d like an introduction to just ask. I’d be happy to help. 

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