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Clarity. Alignment. Accountability. Focus.

Everyone in staffing is feeling the pinch. There are more open jobs than there are job-seekers. Candidates price shop payrates and jump ship for pennies.

Customers set their own mark-up and expect us to meet it (what other industry gives customers control of the wholesale and retail price?). Clients work with many staffing companies with intent to only pay the first one to deliver. And everyone is pressed to do more with less.

What kind of strategy do you set in that kind of environment? It depends on the kind of company you want to be, the kind of service you want to offer, and the kind of cost structure you can tolerate.

Do you need to tweak your strategy or pivot? Does your tech stack dictate your strategy, or does your strategy dictate your tech stack? Has a history of flavor-of-the-week strategic shifts made your team resistant to change? Is there a disconnect between what you want versus what’s feasible?

We can help.

We help staffing leaders define and articulate their strategic direction in a way that creates clarity, alignment, accountability, and focus.

Our process is based on simplicity. We capture Mission, Vision, Objectives, Strategies and Actions—down to short-term tasks and responsibilities—in a very thorough, time bound, measurable format.

Mission. Vision. Objectives. Strategies. Action Plans.

WinSource Group partners with the One Page Business Plan Company® to provide cloud-based planning and performance management solutions. One Page Business Plans are deceptively simple. We keep the planning process easy because running a business is hard enough.

You don’t have to start from a blank slate. We start with smart templates, interactive prompts, and real-world examples to help you get the best ideas out of your head and down on paper.

We remove unnecessary business jargon—the fluff—that business leaders often include in strategic plans for show. Instead of carefully wordsmithed paragraphs, we focus on clearly stated phrases. It might sound professional to namedrop the latest buzzwords, but they can turn your plan into all sizzle and no steak. We help you get down to the meat of what needs to get done, then help you define how.

Energize your team. Get the results you want.

Gain alignment, increase productivity, drive accountability, and hit your objectives.

Cascading Plans

Getting teams to agree to action can be easy; keeping them aligned and focused on the right action is the challenge. Often, organizations miss critical targets because their teams were simply putting time, effort, and resources in the wrong places.

Plans that align from the top down—and the bottom up—ensure aligned action and accountability.

We help key managers own their piece of the organizational goals and align resources by creating and executing on plans that align to the vision and mission.


Our simple, one page format also makes an easy-to-digest communication vehicle for messaging to the rest of the organization. When the team understands the mission and their responsibilities, they can dig into the work of it. In the absence of information, people usually default into two groups; those that commit energy in their own ideas (at the cost of pulling in a different direction), or those that seek to align (at the cost of not moving forward).

Lack of clarity will cause your team to pump the brakes.

Sometimes competing priorities or uncertainty can cause hesitation or distraction, leaving your team to focus on the work that feels most urgent—or that they enjoy the most. At the end of the year, we look up and realize we didn’t achieve what we had hoped to accomplish. We look back and wonder if it was time well spent or if we could have done more, made a bigger impact.

The only way to create clarity, stay focused, and ensure alignment is through concise, easily understood, visible, measurable plans.  Getting teams to agree can be easy; keeping their behaviors aligned and focused on the right action is the challenge. Don’t miss critical targets because time, effort, and resources are wrongly placed.

"One of the most difficult things to accomplish is to get people to do the paperwork. Jim and his team introduced the One Page Plan which was not only easy to use, but provided a clear line of sight from their efforts to the company strategy. Most impactful was the guidance and support, offered by Jim's team, as we implemented the process and it became an integral part of our annual goal setting."
Wayne Larkin, President
"Prior to the one page plan being introduced by Jim and his team, our planning process was inconsistent at best. The one page plan simplified the process to make it tangible, quantifiable and thus demystified our planning cycle. The actions that supported the strategies reinforced accountability throughout the organization. Conversations became more productive around resource allocation as transparency of barriers to financial success were evident. The magic in the one page plan is its concise and precise approach to setting and achieving company objectives that lead to overall constituency satisfaction.”
Eric Lynn Regional Vice President
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