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Non-Profit Consulting

We have been fortunate enough to spend most of our careers working with non-profit and community-based organizations. Whether that has been through volunteering, partnering with or actual board leadership positions we have seen all facets of the non-profit world. This experience allows us to provide guidance to CBOs in three specific areas:


We help our clients apply for-profit business acumen to their non-profit organizations. Just because an organization is mission driven and not profit driven does not mean that the fundamental laws of business do not still apply. CBOs most often have to get by with fewer resources which means they need to be more efficient not less. We can help our non-profit clients develop for-profit skillsets that get the most out of the resources they have.

Data-Based Decision Making 

Often in the non-profit world major decisions are based on the powerful emotions of doing the right thing. Just think how much better these decisions can be if they are also supported with actual data. Mission-based decisions will and should always be part of a CBO. There is often more than one path forward, however, and we help our clients apply numbers to guide their decisions and maximize the positive impact they can have.

Team Management/Development

Being part of a functioning and cohesive team is more important to job satisfaction in non-profit organizations than it is in profit-based companies. Since salaries tend to be less in CBOs, the non-monetary aspects of the job are even more critical in growing and retaining talent. We help our clients improve communication and clarity within the teams they run and the teams they are part of.

Ready to Get Started?

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