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Fund Development

For-profit businesses have a built-in feedback loop between the value they create and what customers are willing to pay. Non-profits are often challenged by the fact that the constituents they serve are rarely the paying audience that must perceive high value.

One of our strengths is helping non-profits communicate value to donors – by reminding them how rewarding their generosity can be.

The Consultative Process™ introduces a problem-solving mindset and presents an effective process for consulting with clients, constituents, and donors. It helps those in fund raising roles to become comfortable advocating the value of the organization’s services, while also speaking to the intrinsic rewards donors receive by making donations to the cause.

The Consultative Process™ establishes a basic philosophy of consulting with a common and easily understood approach. We conduct pre-training interviews in order to use examples from your team’s real-life experiences and share stories of how these skills apply in various non-profit settings.

Common language. Repeatable process. Consistent experience.

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