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Sales Coaching

The very best people we have had opportunity to work with have had one thing in common. They all had someone that invested in them. What keeps professional athletes in the game and drives them forward is a good coach. 

Whether it’s for personal or professional development, great coaching can play a pivotal role in a sales leader’s career success. 

At WinSource we provide coaching that drives performance and transforms organizations.

Our coaching program often includes the following topics:

  • Business Strategy

  • Role Clarity

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Company Objectives and Strategy

  • Market and Industry Knowledge

  • Time and Priority Management

  • Influence without Authority

  • Getting Results Through Others

  • Business Metrics

  • Critical Success Factors - KPI's

  • Sales Team Skills Development

  • Strategic Sales Planning

  • Setting Sales Targets, Objective Setting

  • Getting your teams to use tools like CRM

Though we start with these topics in mind, we are not limited to these topics for coaching. During the first session or two we will uncover the most appropriate path for you. Business Development Rep, Account Manager, and Sales Representative coaching also available.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started? Find out if a personal coach is right for you or someone on your team.