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Staffing Coaching

Throughout our 50 years of staffing experience, our team has helped hundreds of people grow and develop in all facets of staffing.

If there’s a staffing challenge out there, chances are we’ve seen it and it’s likely we’ve held the role that is responsible for solving it. This puts us in a unique position to coach staffing leaders based on best practice but also based on lived experience.

Though we can coach to all facets of staffing, our favorite places to play are Sales and Leadership.

Staffing success is dependent on two things:

Sales Skills

Prospecting, Account Management, Lead and Opportunity Management, Activities, and Interpersonal Relations. You need to know how to position your business and manage customer and prospect relationships.

Technical Skills

All the things you need to know about your staffing business to sell it and service it successfully.

At WinSource, we help sales leaders get clear on strategy and tactics, we provide both technical and sales skills to help sell staffing, and we help build sales skills and personal growth for even the most seasoned staff.

Often, new staff members come to us with either industry knowledge or sales skills. It’s rare that we are lucky enough to get both. If we recruit them from within our industry, we find ourselves getting them up to speed on selling skills. If they come to us as a seasoned salesperson, we have to show them the way our prospects and customer expect to engage in our industry.

We can supplement your on-boarding program and help get staff up to high productivity faster.

Our coaching sessions are tailored to your business and have been proven to increase retention and drive performance.

Here are some of our favorite topics:

Leadership/Sales Leadership

  • Sales Strategy

  • Role Clarity

  • Coaching

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Company Objectives and Strategy

  • Market and Industry Knowledge

  • Time and Priority Management

  • Influence without Authority

  • Getting Results Through Others

  • Business Metrics

  • Critical Success Factors - KPI's

  • Sales Team Skills Development

  • Strategic Sales Planning

  • Setting Sales Targets, Objective Setting

  • Getting your teams to use tools like CRM


  • Role Clarity

  • Prospecting

  • Time and Priority Management

  • Prospecting and Lead Management

  • Territory Management

  • Consultative Selling

  • Sales Skills Development

  • Account Management

Though we start with these topics in mind, we are not limited to these topics for coaching. During the first session or two we will uncover the most appropriate path for you.

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