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WinSource Group partners with Wilson Learning to provide state of the art research-based assessments that have been designed and tested by accepted research standards. These feedback instruments are highly customizable and can be configured to your organization’s competencies.

As part of our standard service, we present these results in a webcast briefing to senior leaders, as described above. Many organizations use this report as a needs analysis to target their development resources where they are most needed. Optionally, reports can be generated for various subgroups of the whole organization to get an accurate reading of the specific development needs by segment of your salesforce (such as the needs of strategic account managers versus the needs of small/medium business sales).

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The Leader Navigator™ 360

The Leader Navigator, a diagnostic 360-degree feedback instrument, adds value for individual leaders by powerfully highlighting which skills they need to develop. This assessment shows the gaps between the current leadership of the organization and the leadership the organization needs. Identifying this gap will help chart a path for the overall effectiveness of the leadership development investment.

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Salesperson Navigator: Effectiveness Insights 360™

A salesperson’s skills are a critical factor in an organization’s ability to compete, win, and prosper in complex times. Measuring those skills, through the eyes of customers, provides invaluable feedback to salespeople that helps them focus on the skills that need the most development in order to increase their success.

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Customer Relationship Inventory™

The Customer Relationship Inventory™ (CRI) is an insightful assessment tool that measures a salesperson’s skill levels in terms of relating, discovering, advocating, and supporting, as perceived by five customers that recently made a purchase. Participants receive useful feedback and development planning to enhance their consultative selling skillset.

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We customize the learning journey based on what is right for your organization. We can deliver a one-and-done training event, or we can help you realize effective long-term change. How much we plug in is up to you. Contact us for more information about how we can help you.
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