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Staffing Consulting

Here at WinSource, the founding partners have over 50 years of staffing industry expertise. That does not just mean we’re old (some of us are) but it means when our journeys brought us to staffing, we decided to stay. We have held operations, sales, marketing and training positions. We have been in the field and in corporate. We have been managers, directors, VPs and SVPs.  We have spent countless hours figuring out what works and of course, what doesn’t. This enables us to sniff out things that are blocking performance, remove the barrier, and get people to act. Staffing is now part of our DNA (scary thought). This experience gives us the right foundation to give expert guidance and advice to our staffing clients in the following ways:


Whether it’s new markets, new services, new-industries, new technology or new acquisitions, we help our staffing clients think things through to make better, more informed decisions to set their organizations up for long-term success. What is your competitive advantage and how do you leverage it? Who is your ideal customer? What do they need and how can you provide it?


The right way of organizing your company depends on many factors including your customers, your competitors, your vision, your mission, your objectives, and your strategies. There is often more than one correct option and always several incorrect ones. What structure allows you to best service your customers?


Given your strategy and structure, what skillsets do you need to achieve your vision? Do you have the right people on the right bus in the right seats? Is it a school bus or an openair double decker?


What are the steps required to deliver the consistent experience your customers depend on? What processes are broken? What processes are missing? What processes are unnecessary? What processes are essential?


Given your strategy, structure, people and process, what technology or tools do you require? Does it improve the customer experience? Does it fit/enhance the company culture? Do you buy it or build it? Will it be a competitive advantage or just table stakes?

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Ready to get started? Whatever challenges you’re facing, chances are that we’ve seen it. Let’s talk about how we can help.