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Leadership Development Courses

When leaders perform, people perform—and when people perform, businesses succeed. Research indicates the greatest impact on employees’ job performance and fulfillment is the quality of their working relationships and interactions with immediate managers.

Poor leadership leads to ineffective management, low employee loyalty and retention, and, ultimately, poor organizational performance. Therefore, one of the keys to improving overall organizational performance is to ensure first-line and mid-level leaders have the leadership skills critical to building an engaged, high-performing workforce.

WinSource Group provides you with access to Wilson Learning’ award-winning library of leadership development courses. We can help you create a tailored program, drawing from the modules that will be most impactful for your organization.

Inspiring leaders. Engaged employees. Measurable results.

Leading for Performance

The Leading for Performance modules are designed to provide front-line and mid-level managers with the skills and tools they need to create effective working relationships with others. Participants learn proven best practices for communication, team building, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and other vital leadership competencies that can drive performance and lead to a sustainable competitive advantage for their organizations.

ModulesOutcome: Your Leaders Will Be Able To…
Coaching for Performance
(1 Day)
Apply coaching skills, concepts, and plans; effectively coach employees for improved performance
Coaching for Sales Performance
(1 Day)
Apply coaching skills, concepts, and plans; effectively coach salespeople for improved performance
Communicating with Purpose
(1/2 Day)
Achieve greater understanding, alignment, and action with employees and colleagues; communicate more effectively
Delegating with Confidence
(1/2 Day)
Effectively entrust others with important tasks; maintain ultimate responsibility for the outcome; increase work group productivity and leadership effectiveness
Managing Conflict
(1/2 Day)
Help people effectively manage conflict in a constructive way; reduce impact of conflicts on productivity
Managing Styles in Conflict
(1/2 Day)
Improve interpersonal relationships and work group performance; respond appropriately to reduce back-up behaviors
Meeting Leadership Challenges
(1/2 Day)
Recognize employees’ leadership support needs; meet leadership challenges more effectively and constructively
Motivating for Results
(1/2 Day)
Effectively create the conditions that motivate employees; lead employees to put forth greater effect in their work
Reviewing Performance
(1/2 Day)
Write and conduct effective, constructive reviews with employees
Setting Goals for Success
(1/2 Day)
Create goals for themselves and their associates; conduct effective joint goal-setting discussions
Working Styles: Dimensions of Social Style
(1 Day)
Understand and accept people’s differences; use Social Style skills to work more effectively with others

The highest performing teams collaborate effectively, recognize communication preferences and are adept at minimizing friction.

Building Relationship Versatility

Building Relationship Versatility: Social Styles at Work ™ (BRV) is built around a four-quadrant Social Styles Matrix. After being profiled by others, participants are provided a brief report on their Social Style, their interpersonal versatility rating, and a description of how they often communicate and may be interpreted by others.
Through this course, we teach how to identify others’ Social Styles learn how to modify their behaviors to communicate more easily and effectively with others.

The outcome of this course is obviously stronger teams, but we find these skills to have a huge impact on customer interactions and relationships with family and friends. Get set for a day of laughs, bonding, and reflection and self-awareness.

Key Learnings Are…Participants Will…
The Business of Versatility
How to define the importance of versatility and the benefits it can have on work
Recognize the importance of versatility in personal and business success; learn an approach for increasing effectiveness with others at work
Identity Style
How to “read” the behavior of different people in order to accurately identify their Social Style; how to recognize the effect of one’s own style on others’ behavior
Be able to accurately determine others’ Social Styles and be able to approach them in the most appropriate manner
Reflect on Style Expectations
How to reflect on the expectations and preferences people of different Social Styles have for those with whom they work and interact
Describe the expectations and preferences for each style; identify how these apply on the job; find out how versatility is interpreted by others
Modify Your Behavior
How to adapt working relationships with coworkers in order to meet their style expectations and preferences
Be able to communicate persuasively with each Social Style
Managing Styles in Conflict
How to recognize others’ back-up behaviors (fight/flight responsive to stress); how to describe the back-up behavior of each style and manage back-up behavior effectively
Gain skills to effectively manage conflict; understand how and when to use various techniques to address fight or flight behaviors
Mastering Versatility
How to meet others’ needs and expectations by modifying style behaviors; how to use specific behaviors (pace, voice, body language, focus) to display greater versatility in order to improve relationships and obtain better results
Be able to adapt behavior to match others’ behavior; improve versatility to build better relationships and influence others

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