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Sales Technology

There are many great sales tools out there. All of them will tell you they will save you time, money, and effort. In order to do that, the tool has to be right for your business, has to be set up effectively, and has to be used as expected. This is where things get tough. WinSource can help. We use our decades of experience and vast knowledge of effective sales tools to help you choose the right products, navigate configuration, and ensure adoption across your sales organization.

Using our services can save real dollars and productivity costs of employees that would normally be burned up during tool evaluation. Sometimes the hardest part of buying is simply making a decision. We’ll get you there. You won’t regret it.

Process Support

The most effective tools support a well defined process. We can help you incorporate tools into your current process or help you redefine your process in preparation for a new tool. Adoption will be much better and the ramp time will be shorter.

Hands-On & Virtual Training

If you’re going to use it, make sure you use it right and are smart about training. Short-cutting training has a direct impact on adoption and ROI. We’ll help you do it right, whether that means helping you do it yourself or creating training that’s right for your team.

Looking for more information on process and training?

Implementation Help

CRM, lead management tools, lead research, sales enablement, virtual learning and coaching tools all have something in common: buying them is the easy part. Getting your team to use them and even like them can seem like an uphill battle and its a battle that costs you money. Between distraction factor and underused seat licenses there is a measurable loss to a bad implementation. Sales tools should help your business, not complicate it. Let WinSource manage the implementation. It will be faster, more effective, and cost you less money and stress.

ROI Analysis & Reporting

Does the tool you purchased have the expected result? Are you getting a measurable ROI and is it impacting your bottom line the way the rep promised it would? WinSource will help you find out. Whether you are doing a proof of concept, implementation, or coming up for renewal we can provide an unbiased evaluation that will help you make smart decisions and feel confidence in your purchase.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started? Your tech stack should make business better. Let’s talk about how.