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Negotiating to Yes

Sales Leaders often look for negotiation training when margins start slipping or market timing is right to maximize value. If you want to improve profitability, compete on value rather than price, and enhance how customers perceive your services, then Negotiating to Yes™ can help. You don’t need to lower your price to win.

Negotiating to Yes™ helps salespeople become better negotiators. It is based on the concept of Principled Negotiation, a method that offers salespeople an efficient process for reaching optimal business agreements that are satisfying to both parties and strengthens professional relationships.

Increased Value. Stronger Relationships. Satisfying Outcomes.

Program Overview

Negotiating to Yes gives salespeople a proven approach for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. These skills enable win-win solutioning that leaves all parties feeling satisfied with the outcomes.

Modules: Key Learnings Are…Your Salespeople Will Be Able To…
Principled Negotiation
How to achieve mutually satisfying, optimal agreements
through an efficient process that strengthens relationships
Find agreements that are mutually satisfying to both
parties; develop a hard approach to problems and a soft
approach toward people
Align People
How to set a positive climate for negotiations; how to
separate the people from the problem to prevent people
issues from getting in the way of a successful negotiation
Use a Stakeholder Map to identify key stakeholders and
determine negotiation objectives; set a positive tone and
avoid interpersonal tension by Stepping to Their Side
Explore Issues
How to focus on uncovering information needed to create
compelling solutions
Focus on interests not positions by Identifying Interests,
Generating Options, and Determining Independent
Standards during the negotiation process
Reach Agreement
How to ensure that a negotiation either ends in a mutually
satisfying agreement or in an alternative to a negotiated
agreement that meets the principled negotiator’s most
critical needs
Identify their best alternatives to a negotiated agreement
(BATNA) and explore how to make offers in a way that
maximizes that they will say “yes”
Difficult Situations (only in two‐day workshop)
How to deal with difficult issues and “dirty tricks” used by
others during negotiations in order to get the process back
on the right track
Deal with difficult situations in order to keep negotiations
going on a constructive and proactive track; Go to the
Balcony, Reframe, Use a Positive No, Apply Principled

Negotiating to Yes™ Fact Sheet

WinSource Group can customize implementation based on what’s right for your organization.

Initial Interviews

Our experienced sales practitioners and facilitators are skilled at incorporating your language and real-life customer examples into the training classes. Whether we have years of experience applying CSP to your industry or you are trailblazing in bringing a consultative approach to your field, we take the time to get to know your customer buying journey, challenges, and how to incorporate these skills into everyday customer interactions.

Customization & Planning

A differentiator of working with WinSource Group is our ability to customize both the content and delivery platforms based on your organization’s needs. We can deliver an out-of-the-box event, or we can collaboratively design a program to meet the needs of your company’s strategy and culture.

Executive Kick-Off

Research shows that executive sponsorship has a huge impact on adoption. We tee you up to communicate the significance and benefits of each training initiative to help ensure your ROI.

eLearning Modules/Virtual Learning

Sometimes, self-paced learning is the best way to expose learners to concepts and new language before coming together to apply them to real-life.

In-Person Application Workshop

With a focus on role-play exercises and stories, we help learners apply their new skills to real-life situations, preparing them for success in the field.

Manager Coaching

Teaching Sales Managers how to coach increases learning effectiveness up to 41%. We teach managers what to look for and how to have productive coaching conversations that help their team develop their skills (rather than jumping in).

Best Practice Check-Ins

One way to reinforce learning and ensure the skills are used is to learn from each other. We often facilitate Best Practices virtual meetings where learners share successes and challenges they have experienced in the field. It’s a great opportunity for visibility for high-performers, high-fives, and helpful advice.

Ongoing Reinforcement

Depending on your organization’s needs, we’ll help prepare you to continue to keep the skills alive, foster a consultative sales culture, and ensure long-term results and ROI.

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