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How you sell is who you are!

February 9, 2020

This is the “you are what you eat” of sales strategies. 

Take this example: You want your company to be known for your product; a service designed to be fast, easy and user-friendly. You’ve invested in making it so and know that you can deliver a better product experience than your competition. The product will sell itself! But before your customers can experience its convenience and ease, they have to buy it, or at least engage your salesforce to get a demo. If your sellers are slow to respond, use jargon that is hard to understand, and your process makes it difficult to buy, it will impact customers’ perception of your product’s performance. 

Before your customers experience your product, they’ll interface with your company through sales. It’s imperative that the methodology you’ve chosen reflects what your organization wants to be known for. How you sell—the methodology you use—will shape how prospects and customers feel about whatever it is you’re selling. For better or for worse. 

If your product is designed to be fast and easy, your sales process should feel fast and easy. If your product is designed to be personal, customized, and effective, your sales process should be. Your product and employees equally make up customers’ impressions of your company. 

Selling data aggregation software? What role does data play in the sales process? Bringing a more human touch to a service? Then you must equip your salesforce with the skills to make understanding their buyer’s needs as much a priority as the business’ needs. 

There are a lot of sales methodologies out there. When choosing the right sales process for your company’s strategy, consider what your product is and who you want to be. Then sell that way. 

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