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Is Tech The Big Sales Trend?

July 18, 2019

Blog 1 of 7 in a series. 

In a world where everything in sales seems to be changing so rapidly, I thought it would be good to put some perspective on what it really means for those of us in this rewarding profession. This is the first of a series of blogs that focus on 6 sales imperatives—attitudes and approaches that put you in a position to help your customers succeed in a super challenging, rapidly changing sales environment. 

Curious about the latest trends in sales? Me too. It seems there are thousands of online articles (usually published by sales technology companies) that tout the benefits of all the latest advancements in sales tech.

  • -CRM. 
  • -Plug-ins to help with researching prospects, who to sell to and when. 
  • -Email automation with sequences and scheduling. 
  • -Apps to serve up collateral material at the right time. 
  • -Tracking of what’s been opened, shared, or deleted. –
  • -Buyer portals. 
  • -eCommerce enablement. 
  • -Seller support. 

There are now more than 3,400 sales apps available! It feels like every part of the sales process is being optimized and computerized. 

Could the latest trend be that technology is rendering salespeople obsolete?

Hard no. 

For as much good can come of using technology, it has done nothing to displace sellers. The Occupational Employment Statistics program of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics semiannual report states that one out of every nine American workers are in a sales role, and they project that the US will add nearly two million new sales jobs by 2020.

The need for salespeople continues to rise because only people (not technology) have the ability to provide buyers what they really need; a trusted advisor. 

You can’t be good at sales if you aren’t good at people; technology can only take you so far.

Buyers today are under a lot of pressure. They are tasked with judiciously spending company money on only the investments that will garner the greatest return. As a result, 45% of buyers are doing more pre-sale research, and 45% are consulting more sources than just one year ago. They must cull through more information, sort past best-foot-forward marketing and sales pitches, and hope they’ve found the solution they really need. 

The best way to sort through sterile information about products is to get advice from someone you trust. The best way to solve complex problems is with help from a person that “gets it.” 

The best way for a company to succeed in sales is to teach their sellers how to create trust and give good advice. They need to know how to listen, ask questions, curate information, and solve hard problems. 

Not one of the 3,400 sales apps out there can do that. Only people can. And the need for that kind of help is trending upward.

Do you need help teaching your sales team how to become a trusted advisor? We can help with that. 

Stay tuned for the 6 sales imperatives.

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