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Just move already…Go sell something.

August 13, 2021

What I love about Chess is how engaging it is. It’s not just about you and how you play. You not only have to consider your own moves, but but have to understand how your move will affect your opponent. 

Novice players move pieces in reaction to the opponent.

Good players anticipate a few moves ahead, working around the opponent and set up a good offense.

Great players control the game by making moves that minimize their opponent’s options, forcing them to move in certain, predicable ways.

There are 20 possible opening moves for both players in any game. On move three there are 400 possible positions.

I don’t know how many games I’ve played in my time, but it’s been a lot. 

Here is the thing: In almost every game I’ve played, on move three, the board is in one of only about 8 configurations. Even the newest players have quickly figured out that the other 392 are a waste. People tend to act faster in those first few moves than at any other point in the game. 

In fact, the first few moves don’t make that much difference unless you are new. The only people that get beat in four moves are newbies. Most players can deal with anything done in the first few moves. 

After those initial few moves is where the real engagement happens. That’s when you better have a real strategy. That’s when every move counts. 

If you and I were to play a game of chess and if I see you hesitate in the first few moves, I would know I am going to win. People who hesitate in the first few moves lose. Every time. 

If I see you burn through the first few moves, I assume you have some kind of strategy and you will peak my interest. I will engage with you. 

It’s no different in sales. There are many things you could do. There are only a few trusted moves that really make sense and allow you to engage with buyers. 

Don’t spend time overthinking this first few moves. Don’t over-analyze. 

I have played this game a lot. People who struggle to make the first few moves lose the game of sales. Every time. 

For crying out loud, make a move! Just act. Get past the first few actions and start to engage. I promise you likely won’t do anything you can’t undo later. 

Get in the game. Just move already……

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