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Watch Your Sales Team Bloom In 6 Easy Steps:

February 8, 2022

I know you clicked here for sales management tips, but hang with me for just a minute….

Last weekend I saw a rose bush in my yard had started to get some buds. Our mild climate had fooled the poor thing into sprouting too soon. 

I did a quick internet search on “Best practices in pruning”.  Here’s a summary of the articles I read: 

1)  Bush pruning and maintenance must be done at the right time. Don’t wait too long or it’ll damage the bush. Too early or without thought and the bush won’t benefit. 

2)  Cut off all the deadwood. Leaving it on the bush will suck the life out of the stuff that’s trying hard to grow. You may have to make some hard choices about what to try to salvage. When in doubt, cut it. Your bush will thank you. 

3)  Remove or fix crossing or rubbing branches. Branches that are crossed and tangled put stress on the bush and don’t grow or bloom as well. You need to help control the crossover between branches which can rub, causing damage and encouraging disease. Your intervention helps shape the bush, strengthen it, and ensures the individual branches get all the nutrients they need. 

4)  Maintain good air circulation within the bush’s framework. If it’s going to grow, it needs room to breathe. Don’t smother it. 

5)  Remove unwanted shoots quickly. Cut those shoots and other little oddities right off. Nip them quick before they change the shape or energy of your bush. This is detail work that is best done up close and personal. Check each branch individually. 

6)  Encourage Blooms. When your bush starts to bloom, make sure the blooms have room to flourish, ensure they have the support they need, and don’t be afraid to guide new growth.  Feed and water regularly. 

Ok, back to sales teams….

Read those six steps again but this time: 

Bush = Team 

Branch = Salesperson 

How have you seen this metaphor in action in your own sales team? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Feel free to reach out. Oh, and by the way- if you know someone that could use this advice, feel free to invite them to sign up for the blog. If you’d like to connect with me, you can find me in all the usual places like my LinkedIn profile, FacebookTwitter, and my website: WinSource Group.

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