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Thanks for the Advice

November 23, 2022

Senior couple decorating turkey on Thanksgiving day.

There is nothing worse than the moment Aunt Patty shows up at Thanksgiving dinner with her signature appetizer that has to be thrown in the oven for an hour. UGH! I wanna push her and her TikTok trending creation right back out the door. I know she’s super sweet and has the best of intentions but come on…I don’t want her throwing off the kitchen that I have worked so hard to time perfectly.

As an advisor, I have learned that I can’t just walk around dispensing advice no matter how well intentioned it may be. Understanding the current landscape, asking questions about expectations, timing, the players involved, and the rhythm of business are all critical to offering the right solutions at the right time.

I see this play out all the time in businesses.

Super smart, well intentioned leaders helicopter into a situation, dump loads of advice, drop the mic and leave the room. Meanwhile, the recipients are left confused and frustrated, often with a bad taste in their mouth.

Patty is more than welcome to contribute to the meal. Everyone knows that Turkey Day is better when everyone brings a little something to the table. But do me a favor, Patty…take a few minutes to make sure you understand the full situation in the kitchen before deciding how to contribute. Doing so will lead to a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Whether you are a business consultant, parent or friend – having a timely sense of when and where to give advice cannot only help with how that advice is perceived, it can greatly benefit the relationship as a whole. For more information about our tailored consulting and trainings, reach out to us here.

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